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Strapon Tuesday

Today 24th November was spanking & strapon Tuesday the day started with my beloved sub in attendance I took him through his protocols he had to learn and then I left him with some lovely marks. He showed his appreciation by kissing Masters feet... How I enjoyed leaving marks on him when he arrived home he was able to view them and thanked me. My second sub was a regular also he came for watersports but I am not here to perform for no slave so he performed for me. A good day was had by all...                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Head subs birthday treat

Today 25th November is my beloved sub's birthday little does he know I have something in store for him. Tomorrow he shall join me at Club Pedestal for a Kinky birthday treat.. I shall report back on how the evening transpires.. Well sub has an exquisite time I ensured he was given the attention he deserved. He wore his collar and kilt which eventually he was told to remove. I decided to write on his torso that he belonged to me using my red lipstick. He was then paraded through the venue and given some birthday caning. I allowed him to worship my boots for a little while.

He was then ordered  in a cage with rose in mouth where he stayed until my return.He was then placed in the middle of the room upon a large horse oh such humiliation as I flogged him as he held on and others watched... To make it even worse or lovely for him I took photos of him holding on tightly he looked so silly. That was his birthday treat he had a wonderful  evening lucky slave.


Seasons Beatings to you all...

Myself and the AcadaMay Mistresses are busy organising this months event on the 21st. We look forward to our guests I am sure we will have decadent fun... This will be an event not to be missed!

Tick tock the countdown has begun for AcadaMay... have you purchased your ticket yet? Don't cum crying to me when you miss it!


AcadaMay Event

The next AcadaMay event is upon us 21st January the event is looking very good there are many subs that have signed up for this months event which will be bigger and better. The countdown begins there are many Mistresses attending we are looking forward to this event. AcadaMay is growing from strength to strength. We aim to stage our London AcadaMay  events in Aldgate.There will be other AcadaMay events around the country so do keep a look out as we could be in a area near you. Also do not forget to take a peek at the AcadaMay website www.acadamay.com parties page for our upcoming events. We look forward to meeting you at one of our events.


Whilst enjoying a lovely relaxing few days in Morrocco  I was thinking of all the fun I’ve had this week with some of My bitches so thought I’d write you all a quick note. I will only be writing brief blogs here on the rest of my site it will be strictly business only..

11th December was AcadaMay the AcadaMay Mistresses were in attendance all four of us. The event started with the slaves on all fours in my circle of shame, whilst crawling on their knees, including the females. All saves were in flogged as they past us and had hot wax dripped on them as they crawled past us. 

They were then instructed to thank each Mistress in turn before the event really begun, well they did try to get it right but it was not said in unison. So they were flogged until they got it right. Once the initiation was over each slaves was taken to a separate area with a Mistress.  Each of the slaves desires was taken into consideration but remembering they were also to please the Mistress. There were dark areas, the prison cell, the glory holes the huge cage. All areas was used very well, each Mistress chose her space.. The slaves were primed and ready for use they were broken they were eager to be used there voices sounded fearful but excited as they probably anticipated what was to come..

As the evening wore on the slaves were used and abused to the delight of the Mistresses, each taken to a different area of the dungeon. At one stage myself and Ms Deeva left our slaves on hand & foot cane in mouth while we went had a 5 minute break, they were ordered not to move. Upon returning our slaves, luckily for them had not moved they were taken off to another area in the dungeon. My female little cum slut wanted so much to please me I laid her on the bed on her back she was was delightfully spit roasted amongst other erotic delights...  

The other part of the event was speed Domming all slaves had 8minutes with each Mistress to do what Mistress instructed that could be foot worship, strap on play or forced bi it was delightful. The whole  event was erotically charged. The sounds and murmurs of the slaves whilst they were being used sometimes the loud crack of a cane, the sound of slave thanking his Mistress, the lights low the sound of the AcadaMay music in the background subs entering subspace all added to the atmosphere of AcadaMay at Le Boudoir....

This months event will take place on January 21st 2016 at  Le Boudoir club. Bigger & better this months event is for you!


Madrid La Pasteleria 

Pasteleria last night was amazing! Such a beautiful dungeon and so much fun with my Mistresses and

the subs. We all got to play with each other nicely and I noticed some exceedingly wobbly legs as the subs left after 6 hours of decadence. Wonderful time described as exquisite and amazing we look forward to returning again.

AcadaMay 28th April

We are preparing for the next AcadaMay event each month they get better and better we hope to have a decadent evening with subs/slaves. After all is our night to be worshipped. If you wish to attend contact acadamay.com. for details about attending this wonderful event.

AcadaMay 19th January select a slave:

Now in our third year the AcadaMay grows and grows.. this event was rather special as it was our first one for 2017. We started as usual by inviting our guests to a cocktail with the Mistresses before the event started. The Guests are able to speak to the Mistresses and ask any questions they have there was a good mix of subs and Mistresses. After the meeting the meeting and pre- drinks it is time for the games to begin... but to find out more about what happens at this exclusive private event you will have to attend. All in all a very good night was had by all... We now look forward to our next event in February.

Hope you can join us.

AcdaMay slave auction 23rd February

My fellow AcadaMaycians

Thank you to all who attended last night and thank you to the Mistresses. A good night was had by all. I am pleased to report all chattel was sold at the slave auction and none escaped.

Mistress Iceni - we saved one for you. He tried to escape but was caught, told to dance, refused, and was severely punished by me and the other Mistresses. Sad.

A review..

Hello lovely May,

I hope you had a nice weekend. Thank you for another great evening last week. I enjoyed the experience with the slave auction 🙂 

xx, Mistress Lilly

Our next event takes places on March 23rd same time and place if you wish to come along reserve your tickets early as this event sold out last month.

I am also pleased to announce that I am resident Master at the Bi Fun Club in London which happens every other Monday. from 11-3pm.  My first day there shall be 13th March I shall expect some of you to attend for some fun and kinky frolics. This will be in a large 7 bed house in a lively, lovely part of Surrey.

Hope to see you there!