Master May

What is the difference between Master and Mistress?

Mistress` is a word that comes loaded with meaning. At one level – your level – Mistress` is a Superior Being, a strong confident Female whose very word is law. She whom you are proud to worship in awe and wonder (and more than a little fear!) to tell me about your desires!

At another level, though, `Mistress` is a man`s kept woman – a subordinate, kept out the the way of his, dependent on his good will, his money, living on the scraps of time he finds to spend with her.

When you kneel before your `Mistress` can you be sure that you have banished the second image entirely from your mind? In other words, does the word Mistress` truly express everything you feel and

profess about Her?

A better word is `Master`. A man might kneel before his `Mistress` and still feel in his heart that he is a man – that his submission is voluntary. When a man kneels before another person and calls them `Master` he is making a gesture of total surrender – he is acknowledging that his Master is his superior in every possible way. He is surrendering not just his will, but his claims to manhood too!

Obedience to a `Mistress` is voluntary – obedience to a `Master `is enforced. Your `Mistress` is someone you have sought out and chosen to obey. Your Master strides into your life uninvited, overpowers you, forces your submission and uses you – your Master rapes your soul, leaving you broken tearful, grateful and hopelsssly helplessly in love!

A Female can be `Master` of a College or a pack of Foxhounds, a Female can master` a subject, a Female can be `masterful`. A Female can – and has – mastered` you.

By using this term you will acknowledge that She whom you have called Mistress May` is in fact your `Master` too. You will be submitting to me on a whole new – and lower level. If I had grown up beside you I would have been your Superior in everything that you thought made you a man. I would have shown you – and the world – that I was smarter, stronger, wiser and braver than you. I am not only a superior order of Being, I would – had the Goddess so arranged things – have been a better man than you!

So kneel before me – or my Divine image – and address me correctly. I am your conqueror, your rapist, your lode-star, the beat of your heart and the light of your trembling, broken life. I am your Master!

When you come before me you shall call me Master May...