submissive men & women understand that their true place is at my feet...
Where submission begins....

If you wish to book a visit with me in my domestic setting or a dungeon you may do so here: Booking

I am the Mistress who is also known as Master May. I am a experienced Pro London  Domme...

 "You better believe it, little slave boy & girls I will be stalwart, I will be  merciless, and I will crush any sign of resistance with all the skills given to me."

You must understand that when you wish to sub to me, you will be led down the path I make for you. You may have stops you wish to pass along the way and I’ll guide you through them where promised. You will not be the driver. However, you’ll likely make a few stops you weren’t expecting along the way.

I am interested in all types of subs, regardless of gender, experience or fetish. It is your mind that I will enjoy playing with as much as whatever physical fate befalls you.

Open mindedness and imagination go hand in hand in the exploration of kink. You may be new to the kinky world and open minded to all it has to offer or conversely, you may have a very particular or complex fetish and have yet to find the right person to lead you through it. I always keep an open mind to any requests I receive and whilst it will be very rare to come across a fetish I have not yet encountered, I am rather adept at finding new ways of exploring them ,which you may not have considered.

During our time together, I will not only push the boundaries of what you have previously experienced, but using this as a platform, I will introduce elements which I deem you to need in your path to develop further.