Whether this is your first time visiting a Mistress or you have more experience, you may have questions. I have tried to answer the most frequent ones below.

I am a novice and a bit nervous - is that ok?
I welcome newbies, I just love to find out what makes them tick and to tailor their experience so that they are completely comfortable with Mistress.

I am female and always fantasied about what it would feel like to submit.
Perfect! Come and try the joys of submission in a non threatening testosterone-free environment. You will be back!

Do you do role-play?
A particular delight. Let me know who you wish me to be and I will dress and act accordingly.

I am a strap-on virgin but desperate to try, will it hurt?
Mistress is experienced with the use of dildos and strap-ons and will take it slowly, starting with something very small and building up the size to work within your limits.

Do you have your own dungeon?
Yes, I have a beautiful discreet dungeon near Warren Street, just minutes away from Kings Cross & Oxford Street. I can come to your hotel room or I can come to your home. I also do lunch & dinner dates if you love public humiliation or roleplay.

Do you do watersports?
I enjoy very much, another pint please barman! Please see above for details of my activities.

Do you do hard sports?
No, but I do have a friend who loves it. I can put you in touch.

Do you offer phone domination?
Yes, you can book this though Adultwork.

Do you do webcam?
Of course. You can book it through Adultwork or contact me directly.

Can I buy your used panties?
Of course. I have a huge collection of lingerie and you are welcome to purchase items.

Are you a lifestyle Domme?
I live & breathe it.

Can I bring along a partner to watch or work with you on me?

Yes I can do that just send me email about your requirements and I will respond.

Will you marry me?
What do you think!!!