Slave M - Humiliation

My desire was to be humiliated and ridiculed by a Black Goddess Slave the more public the better. I was ordered to ensure I had on my nipple clamps and that upon arriving I would have to wear Mistress panties and collar which was attached to a dog chain. I was so excited by this I could hardly wait to serve my new Mistress.

My first time serving the beautiful Mistress May was one I shall never forget. It was a Monday evening and I was directed to meet her under the clock at Waterloo station. I was very nervous I ensured I was on time as Mistress specifically told me she does not tolerate late comers, unless there is a very good reason. Upon meeting Mistress May I could see that she was indeed a beautiful Goddess I was in a state of euphoric bliss! She stretched out her hand so I may kiss it then she directed me to a corner where she inspected me. Mistress May was beautifully attired in a twenties styled black coat. As she undid it I could see her stunning figure through her gorgeous lace dress and stockings and adorning her feet were the most gorgeous killer heels. She led me to where I was to put on her panties she ordered me to take off my coat and place them over my trousers I did as I was told. As I completed putting on Mistress May turquoise panties with a ribbon attached to tie them at the side I kissed her hand and thanked her.

My humiliation was to begin Mistress took out of her bag a collar with a long chain for me to wear as she placed her collar around my neck I could smell her gorgeous perfume she was wearing. I felt a great need to worship the ground my Mistress walked on. Once she attached her collar she proceeded to walk with me through the busy streets her head high she led the way. I was walked out in the midnight air with this gorgeous Goddess I was grinning a buzz on my face crowds of people would stop and stare in awe. Mistress then led me into a well known store to purchase something I was told to wait in the corner while she looked around. When she finished browsing she ordered me to purchase a butt plug that she would insert. My head was spinning at the sight and having to do as this elegant Mistress said. Once this was purchased we left the store for the night air it was still busy Mistress lead me through the streets holding her collar whilst wearing her panties. She smirks at me pulling on the collar and chain as she leads me through the streets. At one stage she pulled the lead so hard I almost fell over.

We arrive at a very crowded bar, Mistress orders me to go to the bar and buy her a drink. The bar was awash with people all wanting to take my picture realising I was being dominated by my beautiful Mistress. Upon returning to her with her drink we sit outside, she then orders me to remove my coat and shirt as she inspects the nipple rings I am wearing as she does this she looks at me and smirks as she tightens them. I flinch but the pain I feel is one of euphoria! She then orders me to go to the bathroom and insert the butt plug I follow her instructions with pleasure. I walk through the crowded bar with my collar still attached and holding the lead. As I return I sheepishly await my fate. She tells me to kneel and worship her feet while sipping her drink I worship she smirks and I could see Mistress was enjoying this she laughs even more and then orders me to turn around so she could feel the butt plug I had just inserted. Very good she comments Now sit in front of me and do not move you pathetic faggot! She taunts and tease me about my pathetic member.
I was then ordered to find a shop and go and purchase Mistress favourite cigarettes no coat and wearing her panties she laughs out and said go now! And be quick you pathetic wimp! What choice do I have but to follow her instructions.

Afterwards Mistress let me go I can say it was a pleasure serving her and being humiliated by such a beautiful Goddess she is highly recommended I look forward to our next meeting.

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Sub Mark - Double Domination

The day started out with Mistress ordering me to her home for 6.00 PM - Slave Mark I had no idea what was to take place. All I knew was that I had desired in the past a double domination role and I wondered if this was the day. I could hardly contain myself I looked forward to seeing my gorgeous Goddess. I arrived at Mistresses quarters and kissed her hand there she was in all her finery she looked divine in her high heels, stockings and corset. She started right away I was ordered to undress and assume the position. I did as I was commanded got down on all fours Mistress then proceeded. I was sent into sub space as this beautiful Goddess used and abused me for her pleasure and mine.
Mistress May started off the session with me and began by giving me what I most enjoyed... she used her strap on at the same time humiliating me then she began flogging me - Mistress laughed as I he squealed!

And then...

Dominant number two joined us! I was surprised I heard his voice and became excited at the prospect of two Dominants abusing me. The intensity of the double domination session was amazing; Two different dispositions and styles, two people to cause pleasure and pain! I was in a state of euphoria!

One of them would play sensually and the other would be cruel! I think Mistress May was rather cruel at times. Dominant Two proceeded to stretch me from heights from the ceiling & then I received some delicious hot wax along with some CBT.... I was used abused that evening pleasure and pain!!

Either way, I had a memorable and exciting time at the hands of two Dominants wreaking havoc.

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Slave f - September Kink Fest Slave F

Yesterday I had the honour of meeting Mistress May Domme in one of her dungeons.
A few times in the past I had failed to make the appropriate arrangements to meet her but this time I wa finally and graciously allowed into her presence.

She is everything and more of what she writes  or what can be seen of her online. within 15 seconds she had intoxicated me with her classy, educated and superior demeanour. She oozes total confidence and, without words, demands complete obedience.

If there could only be one Domme to worship, adore and obey then it is this one. Despite her emphasis on my welfare there was no doubt that I would be expected to obey her every command.

To be forever controlled by Mistress May Domme will be the normal result of meeting her, and once in her web it is difficult to see how to escape. I am sure she passionately believes her slaves are there to join her on a journey to accept merciless domination by her as the perfect Mistress. I am now her ever-loving slave.

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Cunt R

Mistress May completely lives up to her description. Cunt R Physically, she is stunning. Her voice is also delightful. Her apartment is clean, comfortable and discreet, and in a good area.

The sessions were great. Mistress May demonstrated a good understanding of my tastes, and picked up well on my responses. The mix of dominance and sensual play was perfect.

Her rope bondage skills are excellent - there was no way I could escape. She is skilled in her use of her various implements.

She drove my aching cock over the edge and forced me to unleash the load from my swollen balls.

She left me trembling and barely able to stand. When she released me from the restraints I fell to my knees in a heap on the floor.

Afterwards, I was given plenty of time for a shower and to ease back into the world.

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John - Dinner Domination

I was very impressed with yesterday's role play session, it went so much better than I could ever have imagined.

I met Mistress in an upmarket hotel in the heart of London's West End. I bought her dinner and as we ate she took me to task for my poor performance as her lowly employee. After she took me back to my room, stripped me and taught me a lesson that I will carry with me to the end of my days.

Your performance as my BOSS was perfect. Also I believe I slipped into the role of the unsatisfactory subordinate effortlessly, helped by YOUR great performance. Truly I believed my performance had been unsatisfactory!

This has made me want to try other role plays together, with the Police Inspector particularly enticing.....i have always had a kidnap fetish. Looking forward to next time!

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Peter- My First Time.

I was a novice when I went to visit mistressmay - I had dabbled with the idea of visiting a mistress as I have always wanted to experience the world of BDSM. I decided after viewing the mistressmay website and speaking with her that it made me feel at ease. She explained that she accepts novices and would tailor the experience to my requirements. She also took the time on the phone to find out a little about me.

Upon arriving at Mistress's chambers she was warm and friendly. I was very nervous, Mistress invited me to come and sit, chat and offered me something to drink. Mistress was able to find out a little more about me at the same time informing me what would happen during our session. I was then instructed where to undress and where the facilities were. I was told once I was undressed I was to knock to enter.

I got undressed and was told to enter. Once entering I was able to gaze upon the beautiful Ebony Mistress that is Mistress May. She instructed me to stand before her while she circled me like a gorgeous Black Panther. Our session had started. I was to recall the safeword before the session begun. I was trembling a little as I was told that if I did not recall it I would be punished!

Mistress then proceeded to instruct me on my knees with bottom in air - once there she informed me she would be warming me up to get my endorphins going. I was flogged and whipped never knowing if she was going to whip or flog me hard. The anticipation was exciting, I dare not move. My feet were shackled  a collar around my neck attached to a leash, Mistress then dragged me to the chair where I was ordered to sit.

The onslaught then began! She teased me wickedly whilst blindfolded legs still bound, hands tied behind my back, Mistress teased my cock that was now becoming engorged. Oh the anticipation as I could not see but I could smell her divine perfume as she would lean in closer to me just enough so I could smell her. She would slide her body slightly against mine, leaning into me as I smelt her hair and tried to nuzzle her neck.

My cock was now throbbing as Mistress teased it. Using her feather and various implements to tease my cock she would slap it when it would rise to much then she would tickle it... Oh! but the worst was to come. Mistress then used a vibrator on me that would was stimulating my cock did she know where to put it as I sat bound writhing in my chair I came at least three times as Mistress teased me with the Hitachi vibrator. I was in heaven. I could smell Mistress I could hear her never knowing what was coming. I felt I was drifting away with this sensual experience.

Then stop ... I was still blindfolded and bound while mistress remained silent she then moved in and removed my blindfold. Instantly I knew what I now know to be sub space - my head thrown back grinning I felt wildly sexy and lighter and thanked Mistress so many times before I left. What a sensual experience! I had my first which I shall never forget. I thank Mistress May, a truly wonderful professional Mistress.

Dear MistressMay,

IMG_0982Today was a wonderful introduction to the world of submission for me. I have been fantasing about being flogged and spanked the way I was today for so long. Today's experience has started something that I certainly want to continue to enjoy in the future. I thank both you and mistress for the experience.

The venue was fantastic although I must admit the cross was a bit of a struggle, particularly when the mistress put me on it the second time - my hands were slipping through the restraints and I had to hold the frame to stop it from coming out. Think the frame is built for people taller than me!

I look forward to experiencing Bondage and Domination more CBT and humiliation. Maybe suspension as well! These are all things that hopefully I am looking forward to  experiencing some more in the future. All in all I really enjoyed the experience and I am still reliving much of it in my mind. I think it was good to hear the sounds of the other slaves being tormented at the same time.
I will definitely be back
Thank you
Slave Michael


On Thursday evening Master had told me to meet her at The Riverside Bar in Vauxhall at 10.00 pm. I was expecting an Acadamay event and to meet Master on the terrace outside the bar. I took the Tube to Vauxhall arriving about ten minutes early ( do not like to be late) I bought a glass of wine and sat on the terrace to await Master and the other slaves and mistresses. I was soon evicted by a bouncer who said the terrace was closing and I would have to take my drink inside. I sat and waited for Master but I must have missed her. She left a voicemail on my phone.

I went outside calling Master back, meeting her just outside. She was accompanied by another mistress and her slave. We walked to Club Fire where Pedestal was being held this month. Master sorted out the tickets and we went inside. I took Master’s beautiful fur coat to the cloakroom then went upstairs to change. I put on my collar with its tag stating that I am the property of Master May Domme together with my short leather kilt checked my bag into the cloakroom and went to join Master who was enjoying a drink with her fellow mistress and I knelt at her feet.

This was the first event like Pedestal that I had been to. I was delighted to be there as the property of the beautiful Master May who looked stunning in her black catsuit and shiny leather boots. It was great to be there dressed in this kinky clothing with hundreds of other people around who did not find this unusual, weird or perverted. It was a very liberating experience.

Master soon clipped a lead onto my , instructed me to carry her bag of whips crops and canes and led me downstairs and outside. We sat down while master had a cigarette. Although the weather was cool, fortunately it was not really cold so being almost naked was not uncomfortable.

Master soon tugged my lead leading me back indoors past other slaves on leads, being trampled, being whipped or caned and kneeling at mistresses’ feet. She stopped occasionally to talk to friends. We made our way to the Goddess room (obviously the right place fo Master to be) and Master sat down with me kneeling front of her kissing her boots. She seemed pleased when I started licking the soles and taking the heels into my mouth, I was glad to be showing my subservience to her so publicly. I do not know how long I spent doing this but eventually I was sent to the bar to buy Master a drink. I was even allowed to buy one for myself.

Returning, Master took me outside again for a cigarette. I sat on the floor in front of her whilst she spoke to a friends, I was introduced as her slave. At one point I heard her describe me as very obedient, which pleased me.

Back in the Goddess Room I knelt to worship Master again. Soon she began to flog me as I worshipped her boots and legs. After a while she stood up and began flogging a slave who was kneeling next to me. I could hear the impact of the flogger and feel him moving as he absorbed the blows. Occasionally she would hit me a few times with the flogger before concentrating on the other slave again.

The best part of the evening came next. Master had me stand holding the A frame in the middle of the Goddess Room. She tucked the back of my kilt out the way and pulled down my pants commenting on the cans marks left by her attentions on Sunday. She commenced to flog me with a variety of floggers on my back, my buttocks and my legs. Although, some of the blows hurt and all of them stung, none produced unbearable pain. The pain became an almost pleasant sensation and I did not want it to stop.

From time to time Master would stop and press herself against my back, reaching round to squeeze my nipples. “Who do you belong to?” she would ask. “I belong to Master May” I replied.  I felt very close to Master then.

At one point, I felt the speed of the blows increase, then realised I was being flogged by two mistresses. Master introduced me to Mistress Francesca a mistress that she mentors who had joined in with my flogging. We were joined by Mr Darcy who was put against the other side of the A frame and flogged by Mistress Francesca as Master resumed flogging me. I was able to feel the blows from Master whilst watching another sub receiving similar treatment immediately in front of me, another new experience.

Eventually, Master decided I should have a rest. She began flogging Mr Darcy. Mistress Francesca asked me to go and buy some more drinks and with Master’s permission I did so. I chilled out for the rest of the evening, keeping an eye on Master’s bag. Eventually, I saw Mistress Francesca and Master into their taxis and got the bus home with a very satisfying tingling sensation in my back and bum.

Overall it was an enlightening and uplifting evening. The atmosphere was much friendlier and less intimidating than I would have expected. I would love to have a similar experience again and my only regret is that it has taken me over 50 years to realise this.

Thank you Master.


Partners in crime
Dear Mistress May, lovely to meet you and many thanks for the 'experience'; very much looking forward to seeing you again in Warren Street with my lady friend Tina when she is back from holiday. X John


Hello Mistress Mayslave james

Just wanted to thank you for the meeting yesterday. It was very enjoyable and I hope to see you again
soon to explore some more. Maybe at Warren St. (Ps your photos don't do you justice).yes my bottom rather red but glowing i enjoyed our time together.



Dear Mistress May,

I can't tell You how utterly grateful I am for the time that You have spent in Your response to me.

I have been thinking about everything that You have written and the nature of the relationship I am in and how things can progress, or indeed if they should.

Having thought about whether I can be a sub, I think that is something only time will tell, I am certainly open to trying. I suppose my negativity is attached to my discomfort over feeling I would have to do things I did not want and feeling strangely guilty in refusing.

What I am confident about now is that I should not do what I am not comfortable with.  I sincerely have You to thank for that and I have read Your message more than a few times over.

I am curious as to the potential that this relationship holds, and the imminent arrival. My approach now (again because of You) is to try  ensure communication and not see it as refusal and recognise that guilt is not a good emotion within any relationship, and particularly so here. I also have to remind myself, in fairness, that getting to know someone over email can lead to communication failures,... I hope for a fresh start.

You have shown kindness to a stranger, and that coupled with the strength and command of Your written word, along with Your beauty, leaves me feeling very lucky to have had Your attention for even a moment. I thank You again from the bottom of my heart.

For Your guidance I am grateful.
Thank you again.
I feel reinforced!


Dear Mistress May

I write humbly and respectfully after having had the privilege and honour of meeting You and serving You for the first time today. You are even more beautiful and exquisite than i could have imagined, i loved worshipping Your boots , loved Your scent, loved the taste of Your golden champagne as You made me Your slave. Thank You Mistress for being gentle with me and understanding my pain threshold, my nipples suffered between Your fingers and nails and i tried to take the pain because i wanted You to use my face as Your throne for as long as possible, i humbly hope that You will continue to use my face as Your seat and throne in future sessions and i humbly hope that i might be fortunate enough to receive more golden champagne if i please You. To feel helpless and under Your control as You put me in bondage was the most amazing and erotic experience.
i promise to be loyal and obedient Mistress, to serve You as regularly as i can, to learn to please You as Your slave and to learn to push my limits as i strive to become a slave that You will be proud to have collared and to own.
i wish you a most enjoyable holiday wherever You go and look forward to kneeling before You again soon.

Your slave d

We met MasterMay and her partner S for an unexpected meet at their place. They were extremely friendly and welcoming. We chatted over a few glasses of wine and shared experiences and stories. We felt instantly relaxed and comfortable. The evening was extremely memorable. MasterMay is a very accomplished Domme who knows her trade. S was open to new experiences and as a consequence ensured that the evening developed into something special. It is rare to meet people who really know about kink and domination and submission. Many play at it. But MasterMay is a truly exceptional Dominatrix. If you are open to submitting yourself to her you will have a truly memorable experience. We will certainly be keeping in touch and we hope to share experiences with these two in the future.

Philip & Gillian

Thank you so much for an amazing time Mistress. After my previous disappointments with the other two mistresses I met it was so good to meet someone like you. You are exactly the same in real life as you look in your photos on your website. An hour in your company seemed to fly by as if it were just five minutes. My only regret is that I hadn't met you before!!

slave Tony